TweetDownload Terms and Conditions


By using the TweetDownload service you agree to the following terms: -

Information collection

TweetDownload collects various basic information on users that's necessary to provide our service as well as to track usage trends and service popularity (as detailed in our privacy policy). This includes your Twitter user ID, your Twitter screen name and the number of times you have used our service.

TweetDownload may temporarily store further information, such as a Twitter API access key associated with your account, in order to provide features of the service such as persistent logins. Such additional information is not stored by us permanently and is only used for the purposes of providing our service.

You agree that we may access any information in your Twitter account that is necessary to fulfil any requests that you make via our site. We don't permanently store any of the information we fetch at your request (such as your tweets, replies, mentions, direct messages or followers) or use it for any other purpose than providing this service.

Information usage

The basic user information we collect is used to facilitate our download service and to track usage trends and service popularity.

If you have given us consent to do so via the relevant checkbox on our site, you agree that we can post a message to your Twitter feed stating that you've used our service.

Warranty and liability

TweetDownload is provided as a free service - as such it carries no warranty nor any liability of any kind. TweetDownload and its staff and owners are not liable for any loss or problem you or any third party might suffer due to using the service. This includes, but is not limited to, consequential losses in the event that the service stops operating, is unavailable or slow, returns incomplete or inaccurate results, suffers data loss/corruption or any other issue which might be considered detrimental to you.